changing the way you read

How do you make a book stand out in a sea of thousands?

Simon & Schuster, Inc., a global leader in book publishing, serves consumers worldwide and is an operation of the CBS Corporation, one of the world’s premier media companies.

With more than 2,000 books published annually, Simon & Schuster was looking for a way to consistently bring awareness to their ever-growing list of titles and authors. And convert that awareness to sales.

This is where we entered the story.

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Branch and Bramble stepped in during a program transition that included strategic and personnel changes. They organized, planned and helped realign resources to make the change over seamless and keep our business not only moving forward but growing as well. They were invaluable and great partners.
— Sue Fleming, Vice President, Executive Director Corporate Marketing at Simon & Schuster

building the program



We developed a customized editorial management system to streamline strategic posting on a regular basis.


Creative Services

Using extensive audience analysis, we created on-brand content to generate awareness & encourage engagement.


Daily Management

We bridged the communication gap between corporate groups so the left hand knew what the right was doing.

We worked with the Simon & Schuster corporate team across several initiatives to hone in on and develop key, book-buying target audiences with the goal of increasing follower reach and driving book sales.

Our team engineered full programs and customized processes from the ground up. Social media, newsletter deployment, content creation…each aspect was carefully and strategically nurtured.

We streamlined social media posting to make it efficient and impactful. And, because we don’t publish social posts for publishing’s sake (like some other agencies), each update was created to tie back to a specific business goal or campaign initiative. That way team members were able to spend less time on social media while driving higher engagement.

Newsletter deployment, and all content creation, went through the ringer of our rigorous analytical process. Once we developed actionable insights based on past performances, we used those findings to created hyper-targeted assets that engaged current audiences and attracted new followers.

making an impact

Increased newsletter engagement rate from 6% to 16%.
Achieved organic Facebook Group growth of 70% in four months.
Increased paid ad spend CTRs from 1.5% to between 6% and 10%.
Drove 900% increase in live video views across social platforms.

The results of our efforts and partnership speak for themselves: we increased newsletter open and click through rates by double digits; we grew a captivated audience through social media by utilizing Facebook Groups and live video; advertising spends became 5 to 10 times more effective; audiences were truly interacting with content and, because of it, buying books.