launching a restaurant brand

Hotel 50 Bowery, a property of Joie de Vivre, the global boutique hotel brand, opened their doors and launched two new food and beverage concepts: The Crown and Rice & Gold.

Both properties, one a premier rooftop bar in New York City and the other a hip, all-day eatery, partnered with Branch & Bramble to translate their bold vision to social media platforms and grow a loyal following…*gulp* completely from scratch.

We sampled the top-shelf and rose to the challenge.




Content Creation

We sourced & managed multiple content creators to develop platform-specific photos & videos.


Influencer Marketing

We identified & worked with 10+ influencers to establish valuable on-going content partnerships.


Daily Management

We streamlined the editorial process & optimized social content for a highly targeted audience.

We zoned in on the launch. It had to be big. It needed to be splashy. And, most importantly, it needed to drive follower growth across multiple social media channels. Not to mention we also were collaborating with multiple stakeholders—each of which had various visions for the project.

Building a customized editorial management system that automated review and approval processes streamlined copy creation and channel posting. Once this was in place, we tackled the brand’s biggest pain point — developing socially optimized content. Sourcing photographers and other content creators enabled us to capture the highest-quality content before opening day. We were building a content library and making sure that when it was time to hit the ground, we had the resources we needed to do it in a dead-sprint.

But who’s going to see all this great content when your social channels are starting from nothing? This is where influencers come in. We carefully identified and vetted top influencers in the food and beverage space to set up partnerships. Once launch day rolled around, we had 10 individuals ready to interact with the social channels and encourage their followers to visit Hotel 50 Bowery in person.

making an impact

Achieved organic launch growth of 5,000 followers in one month.
Maintained 14% Instagram engagement under agency mgmt.
Increased foot traffic from social media to restaurants by 20%.
Drove 50,000 views of photo and video content in 2 weeks.

It worked. The social channels grew by 5,000 followers in one month, without any paid spend. And engagement started high and stayed high in the months that followed. When surveyed, 1 out 5 people mentioned that they came to visit because they heard about Hotel 50 Bowery through social media.