UpCity Features Branch & Bramble



Branch & Bramble made UpCity’s list of Top Social Media Agencies in New York! We are in the company of 44 other businesses considered to be the best social media management firms in the state and we could not be prouder of our incredible team who made this happen.

As you may know, Branch & Bramble has been helping both enterprise companies and SMBs build their brands for three and a half years. In the early days, the majority our clients found us through word-of-mouth referrals. Three and a half months ago we launched our online presence and we’re already putting ourselves on the map. Schedule a chat with us and see for yourself what makes each and every member of our team an asset to your brand.


What is UpCity?

UpCity helps match businesses with trusted B2B service providers. They focus on providing transparency and data which makes the selection process that much smoother and trustworthy. And you don’t have to worry about fake reviews since UpCity has a dedicated team to review authentication.

If it sounds as though we like UpCity, we do! Too often, our clients find us because their previous agency was not upfront about expertise, skills, or services. Brands received either sub-par or detrimental results and, many times, ended up alienating their audience because of the tone and content direction that the agency suggested. UpCity helps prevent this from

It’s About You, Not us

Branch & Bramble currently specializes in all aspects of social media management (starting with strategy builds all the way to day-to-day tactics), content creation, and paid advertising. While building your brand program, if your needs expand beyond those services, we’ll help you source additional vendors. Already have a vendor in mind? You can trust us to be their partner, to keep the marketing lines of communication open, and ensure that what we do is seamless paired with their activities. Branch & Bramble will keep the integrated marketing thread running strong. Our team is here to help.

But this isn’t the only list we’ve made. Check us out on DesignRush’s list of New York Digital Agencies.