The New Blockchain-Based Social Platform Your Brand Won’t Want to Miss

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Blockchain-based social media for brands


Warning: A new social media platform is about to hit your app store. Before you groan at the thought of learning yet another social platform (didn’t you just figure out TikTok?), we’ve got good news—this platform is claiming to be different from all the rest…and the creators might just be speaking the truth.


What is Appics?

Appics, this new social media platform, bills itself as being the “next generation” of social media that rewards users for their passion and time. How do they do this? By using blockchain technology that “delivers a decentralized structure and full transparency—with users ‘up-voting’ the posts they like, giving valuable content a boost,” according to Cointelegraph. Both through function and design, the app is reminiscent of Instagram and Reddit, but the content is divided into 20 categories, each managed by a subject-matter expert, to make finding posts that appeal to a user’s interests as simple as possible.

Additionally, Appics is thinking ahead to how influencers and brands will use their platform. On their site, they have established a way to apply to work with category directors to have your brand’s content be featured on the site, heavily pushing the ideals of using the app to promote purpose-driven content and making a difference in the world.

Monetizing Content

As part of their mission to reimagine social media, Appics provides users with the chance to “receive financial compensation directly from their content and engagement, earning real revenue from receiving “likes” directly via blockchain technology.” And it’s not just content posters who will be earning a financial reward. Simply liking others’ content enables users to start earning an income from the app. With these kind of opportunities, the app is the ideal playground for all different types of influencers. Through its beta testing, Appics has already partnered with several influencers, but when the app launches globally, expect influencers to flock to the app with this easy way to monetize readily available.

Preparing for Appics’ Launch

How can your brand jump on the Appics bandwagon? The first step is to contact Appics and get the ball rolling on creating a partnership with their team. Being on the ground floor as this app takes off could lead to great opportunities for your brand, especially when the app has yet to be overcrowded and your brand’s voice can easily be heard. Also, this is a great way to claim the best user name for your brand and not have to worry about adding numbers or underscores!

In preparation of gaining access, it’s important to look at the type of content you can contribute to the platform, particularly assets that contain the purpose-driven element. Begin collecting images and articles that highlight the good work your company is doing and the positive change you’re making in the world. If you don’t have any content readily available that fits that criteria, consider looking for opportunities in your company and the work you do that fits into the Purpose category on Appics, as it appears this section will garner the most attention.

Finally, build your library of imagery with the highest quality photos you have available. As Appics focuses on a new standard of content, it’s necessary to be prepared to show the time and passion you put into your brand and the photos associated with it.

Want help getting your brand ready for Appics? Whether you’re interested in establishing influencer relationships or creating purpose-driven content to prep for the Appics launch, our team is here to help!