Partnering to Improve Diversity and Inclusion



We are very excited to be celebrating a new partner! Branch & Bramble has teamed up with #NatSecGirlSquad, a social impact consulting company and professional development community, to help improve diversity and inclusion in the national security and defense sector.

Did you know… 

  • There has never been a female secretary of defense

  • Women have never exceeded 20% of senior positions at the Department of Defense but…

  • more than half of graduate students of international affairs are female

By founding #NatSecGirlSquad to support women in national security, Maggie Feldman-Piltch is working to change these facts. It is her belief that “every national security challenge, threat, and opportunity is, at its core, a human capital issue. To be soft on diversity is to be soft on defense.”



Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are both necessary and severely lacking in every industry. While research across multiple different business industries shows a direct link between diversity and profitability, in the defense world, the impact is literally a matter of life and death.  

(On a more personal note, we hate that we even have to make a case for why there should be gender equality and diversity.)

In the world of business, study after study after study have reinforced that diversity and inclusion matter. Companies perform better; innovation increases, and revenue improves when teams at every level have gender balance.

In the world of wars, research shows including women in the negotiation process fundamentally changes the lasting impact of peace talks for the better. A critical component to this success is setting the foundation for gender-inclusion by using gender-sensitive language in peace agreements.  

How #NatSecGirlSquad is Solving the Problem

#NatSecGirlSquad is helping create a more resilient, capable, and agile national security enterprise by building the expertise that’s needed and ensuring there are opportunities for success. Most recently, they’ve worked with Guidehouse to create an IRB-approved research study to better understand the challenges faced by those in national security and defense.

Today, NSGS reaches more than 20,000 people and provides assistance to federal agencies on recruiting, retaining, and supporting a diverse workforce. Its current focus is on information sharing, training, events, and working with mission-driven organizations. Although this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

We are looking forward to this year’s NSGSCon 2019. Themed “Accessible and Aspirational,” the #NatSecGirlSquad community is coming together to discuss the most pressing national security issues of the day…and what can be done about them.

Do you want to help? If you know someone who would benefit from the #NatSecGirlSquad community, make sure they know about it. If you are, or you know of, a brand who wants to support diversity and inclusion, get involved by starting a conversation with NSGS.

Why Branch & Bramble is a Partner

It is exactly companies like NatSecGirlSquad that get us up in the morning.

We value the opportunities to partner with organizations and individuals that are dedicated to making a difference.

We believe that companies should stand for more than just profits.

We believe that doing social good and profits are not mutually exclusive.

We believe that diversity and inclusion and gender equality should be issues that all women, men, and brands care about regardless of industry.